[:tr]Yenilenebilir<br/>Enerji[:en]Renewable<br/>Energy [:tr]Yenilenebilir<br/>Enerji[:en]Renewable<br/>Energy


Ortadoğu Energy which entered the Renewable Energy industry through energy from landfill gas is continuing its growth with energy projects which will create added value to our country. Ortadoğu Energy is continuing its work in the fields landfill gas power plants, wind, solar, hydro-electrical, geothermal, biomass energy and RDF gasification.
[:tr]Konvansiyonel Enerji[:en]Conventional Energy [:tr]Konvansiyonel Enerji[:en]Conventional Energy

Conventional Energy

Ortadoğu Energy is aiming to grow in the sector by using the experiences they gained from the renewable energy sector in producing conventional energy. In line with this, there is work towards using thermal plant projects and lignite coals' gasification to contribute to the country's economy.