Ortadoğu Energy which began work within the body of Ortadoğu Grup in 2007 is growing continuously by combining the forces with Yeşil Holding in 2009.

Detailed information about Ortadoğu Grup and Yeşil Holding can be found in the following.

Ortadoğu Grup Company Profile

Ortadoğu Grup, which commenced its commercial life in the construction and logistics field in 1981, have managed to fit many successful projects and investments both within Turkey and globally in their history of over 30 years.

Ortadoğu Grup, which took the leadership role of the health care fields, has permanently changed the quality level in the private sector’s health practices in Turkey with its “Memorial Hospital” project. The Memorial Hospital has become the 21st hospital in the world and the first hospital in Turkey that has earned the right to take the JCI accreditation, which is the most important accreditation of the health services. Today, the Memorial Hospital has become an establishment where people not only from Turkey, but also people from different areas of the world consult.

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Yeşil Holding Company Profile

The foundations of Yeşil Holding were laid with Yeşil Kundura established in 1948.  Today Yeşil Grup operates in the real estate/construction, energy, telecommunication, service and manufacturing industries through public companies and subsidiaries based in Turkey and the USA.

Yeşil GYO, a publicly-traded affiliate of Yeşil Holding, founded in 1997 as a portfolio management company to invest in real estates and real estate projects with a focus the construction sector. Have been trading its stocks in Borsa Istanbul (BİST) since 1999, Yeşil GYO is the founding member of the Association of Real Estate Investment Companies and have achieved a corporate rating of 9,02 over a 10-point scale as the first and only real estate investment company that engaging in corporate rating.  Yeşil GYO’s portfolio includes Innovia, the largest housing project in Turkey with 14.000 units.

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