Ortadoğu Energy which began work within the body of Ortadoğu Holding in 2007 began production work in the energy sector with the Landfill Gas Electricity Energy Production plant in Istanbul in 2009 which became Europe’s largest plant and took place in the top ten of the world. Ortadoğu Energy grew in a short time in the energy sector with its knowledge and experience and with the completion of its projects in Kömürcüoda Electrical Energy Production from Landfill Gas Plant in 2010, the Kocaeli Solaklar Electrical Energy Production from Landfill Gas plant in 2012 it started providing services. In the continuing Kocaeli Dilovası energy production from landfill gas project, electricity production is planned to begin in a short amount of time. The investment phases of the Wind Energy projects, Hamsi RES Project, Poyraz Gölü RES Project and Fener RES project, which have been set up with the partnership of Demirer Holding in 2012, is continuing. Ortadoğu Energy is continuing its investment practices in the energy field, Solar Energy field.

Ortadoğu Grup known for its environmental awareness received the award for “Most Environmentalist Investment” with the “Energy Production from Landfill Gas Project” in ICCI 2011, Istanbul Chamber of Industry SME Environment Friendly Practices Special Jury Award in 2013 and second place award for Europe Corporate Social Responsibilities Award Program Turkey SME Category. Our company which has a “Gold Member” membership in the International Solid Waste Association is also a member of the All Waste and Environment Management Foundation (TAYÇED).